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European Outlook # 39 March 2017

The Housing Crisis

                                  Harold Macmillan

There was a time when it was possible to buy a house. Wages were in line with inflation, mortgages were reasonable and available, and house prices were relatively stable. None of those conditions apply today. The average house in London costs more than ten times the average annual salary. Mortgages are strictly rationed by banks that were hit by the last crash, and building is restrained by planning permission and a skilled labour shortage.
Social housing provided by housing associations and local authorities is in very short supply. The Tories started selling council houses under Margaret Thatcher in the hope of turning Britain into a property-owning democracy. This diminished the housing stock and the population boom has taken care of the remainder.
It’s still possible to buy or rent a house, or even to get a council house, if you are prepared to live in an area of high unemployment. But if you want to live in London, Manchester or any area where work is available you will be extremely fortunate to find a house.
Theresa May's government has issued a White Paper on housing  but the right wing hijackers of the Tory Party are ideologically opposed to state housing. They believe that the homeless deserve their fate, and they regard social housing as a form of Communism. 
Various schemes have been tried including fixed-interest mortgages, part ownership, and rent controls but the real answer to the problem is simply to build a lot more houses. Of course, this would drive down house prices which might not suit those house owners who like to boast about how much their property is worth.

We need to change the culture of ever increasing property values that has taken root.  Our children and grandchildren deserve roofs over their heads. They are not socially inadequate because they haven’t got half a million pounds to spend. And they would not be a burden on the state if they were paying affordable rents to registered landlords.

Immigration has certainly aggravated the situation but we must deal with the problem as it is instead of being negative about it. The people living in this country need to be housed. Some future government might do something about immigration but that doesn't help us now.

Harold Macmillan was a 'One Nation' Tory who was housing minister in Winston Churchill's post-war government. He built 240,000 houses in 1951-52, 301,000 houses in 1952-53, and 318,000 houses in 1953-54. In those grim days we were desperately short of money, men and materials but he still succeeded. It can be done and it must be done.

Voters' Intentions

The June 2016 referendum in the UK was supposed to be about our membership of the European Union but people voted for all sorts of reasons. One man said that he was sick of being dictated to by London - not Brussels but London. Many people voted to get rid of foreigners, and  a Yorkshireman said that he voted Leave to get the coal mines reopened.

American voters who elected Donald Trump were just as confused by a billionaire property developer who presents himself as a man of the people.

An angry man said that he was voting for the National Front. When he was told that there are no candidates in a referendum he said: "Then I will vote Labour."

One man told me before the referendum that he was voting Leave to get rid of the euro. I told him that we didn't use the euro but I don't think that he believed me.

Nearly everyone that I spoke to voted Leave to stop immigration but hardly any of them knew that half of our immigrants come from the Commonwealth. A West Indian woman told me that she had every right to be here because she was a subject of Queen Elizabeth and had worked in the National Health Service for twenty years. She was voting Leave because "The country is full up."

Literacy tests for voters were introduced in the Southern United States in the 1890s and abolished by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. They were considered to be unfair to the blacks but many poor whites were also disenfranchised.

White-ruled Rhodesia had voting rights based on property ownership that were designed to exclude Africans but they too discriminated against poor whites.

In Britain, where almost everybody can vote, UK Political Info gives the state of the parties is as follows:
Conservatives 42%
Labour 27%
Lib Dem 10%
Ukip 12%
Other 10%
Parliamentary democracy has been replaced by an elected Tory dictatorship.

Trooping the Colour - GL Nicol
Reprinted from The European, May 1958

We sailed on New Year's Day from Southampton. An elderly major-general in a British warm waved from the quayside. The band on deck played a patriotic medley. We were sailing, one entire battalion, to Port Sudan. With us were a few Sandhurst RASC officers, newly-commissioned and rather far down the pass-out list. Our battalion had come from Germany and we were very conscious of our 'scheme' fitness. Hell, Nigel the bar closes at eleven. It did. We could only stand with empty glasses and watch a girl  in a sailor's cap dance the old year out.

Khartoum. Anyway no more 'schemes.' You are going out there to show the flag, we have been told. Guard-mounting, cricket and garden parties. Nicely proconsular and plenty of girls. The CO realised that it would be 'cushy,' so we trained for any and every eventuality. Rifle exercises, unarmed combat, IA's on the Bren and concealment films. In the Bay of Biscay we saw strangely lyrical War Office films shot on Salisbury Plain. Kill or be killed. Tense faces and the traffic moving along a main road to London. By Gibraltar desert warfare seemed as far away. I saw a book, Imperial Policing, on the adjutant's deck-chair.

I shared a cabin with four others. It was very small and stuffy. My bunk was under the port-hole and the climb-up was particularly difficult in a heavy sea. Bill, Pat, Nigel; all good second-lieutenant names. Almost straight from school, we were very conscious of officer status, with monogrammed coat-hangers and snap-shots of 'nice' girls in our wallets. Our batmen would come in about six o'clock in the evening and polish brasses and boots, squatting on the floor. Sometimes we played cards with them, cigarettes dangling from the corners of our mouths, like professional gamblers. You rock ape, one of them always said, if I missed a trick.

The senior officers had wives and children, as well as luggage. For them it was very much a matter of servants, verandahs with sun-blinds and dinner parties. A country for them was measured entirely, by the condition of its service accommodation. Off duty we were on Christian name terms with some of the senior officers. Thirsty, Pat? What you having? In the bar most of the conversation was about Germany, or someone putting up a black, or a woman, or that hell of a good party when old Henry... Perhaps a major after his fifth whisky would talk about Sicily. Christ... Bloody good show... shit flying everywhere... sergeant what's his name of the MMGs, he'll remember. They had, and it made us respect them, been at the sharp end of things.

Off Malta we had a ship's dance. As far as women were concerned, we were fairly well placed. There was a party of school-teachers going out to Suez. They had north-country accents and wore nylon stockings with thick dark seams. They had been invited by the adjutant, but some preferred the sergeant's 'do.' It was rather heavy Palm Court, the atmosphere. The regimental band played selections from 'Oklahoma' and 'Bless the Bride.' Some of us danced, but most just drank and talked to the CO and his wife. One of the Sandhurst RASC sat playing sedate cards the whole evening with a pimply girl, her mother and two journalists. Later, according to hallowed tradition, the colonel called on the subalterns to perform. Like a group photograph we lined up in front of the scarred piano. We sang a number from an American musical with a loud chorus about 'dames.' One or two were missing on deck . Pat swore he was locked in a bathroom with an Irish girl who had brought her riding habit in her luggage. By about one most people were drunk. The senior officers drifted off to their nuptial bunks. I expect we played rugger among the broken glasses and paper.

Disgorged from the canal, we stopped training. The Red Sea was too hot for anything. The soldiers lay about on their decks in PT shorts. We gave short talks on the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium and the Gezira cotton scheme. Sketch in the background, just a few facts, we were told. In the evening we played deck tennis or quoits on the sun deck. The CO, adjutant and second in command in short white shorts sat sipping lime juice. The stared across the still sea at the jagged backbone of Arabia though tired eyes. It could have been India, again but no, Khartoum was to be a short posting. Those evenings had an almost tireless quality of English middle-class life. Scarcely a breeze; and their wives laid back in deck chairs, their arms limp and eyes closed.

My tour of duty as an orderly officer took me to the hold. Here most of the men slept in hammocks. The sergeant accompanying me wore a red sash and was confidently pleasant. There was a foul smell of stale sweat and heavy cacophonous breathing. The hold itself was almost dark. Suddenly a man swayed towards us. His hair was close cropped, like worn down bristles and his face was thin and tired. I stepped aside to let him pass. Two months later I was to see the same man in a guardroom cell. He was standing by his bed rigidly to attention in denim trousers and a red vest. In the camp bed all his kit was neatly arranged. He had gone absent for a day and was found in a native brothel, hiding in the cupboard. I was glad of the clean night air.

The night before docking at Port Sudan we entertained the ship's officers at a cocktail party. All the conversations were about Khartoum. Speculation nibbled among the cheese biscuits and olives. The soldiers, I suppose, were drinking warm NAAFI beer in their canteen. One or two belching quietly to themselves, and lonely. The five of us were invited by some junior engineer officers to their cabin. It was even smaller than our own, with sickly green walls and a huge revolving fan. Three bottles of whisky and a mountain of cigarette packets on a small table. We drank and sang. One of the engineers got very drunk. He stood up, a whisky in his hand and started on 'Scots wha hae.' He fell across the table scattering cigarettes. His face was pale green. Jolly good chaps, we said, pushing each other hard against the corridor walls.

Port Sudan was very hot. Kites hovered above the quayside. It took us the morning and most of the afternoon to unload. We had changed into khaki drill and strolled among the sweating unloading party and fingered our revolver holsters. Soon the train for Khartoum would pull in, milk-white and glinting in the evening sun. Take your platoons, we were ordered. Over there with the platoon book under his arm stood your sergeant. Across to him you marched, brown boots surfed with white dust. A sharp salute, and a final inspection. Fasten this strap. Haircut in Khartoum. Look to your front, man,

I could smell the sea. Perhaps three days to Khartoum. Lead on corporal, I said.

Breaking Windows

Some people have obsessive views; often about race. Groups like Black Lives Matter see everything from a black point of view, and some whites are just as bad.

The following story illustrates obsession. A mental patient was being examined by a panel of psychiatrists. They asked him what he would do if he was discharged. He replied that he would get hold of a catapult and break all the windows. A year later he was asked the same question and he gave the same answer. But at the third time of asking he said: "I would get a job, get an apartment, and look for a girlfriend. Then I would take her home, get the elastic out of her knickers, make a catapult and break all the windows. Naturally, they discharged him.

Nationalists see everything from a narrow viewpoint. Nigel Farage said that traffic jams are due to immigration. He has since moderated his statements but one suspects that he still wants to break all the windows.

Convinced nationalists rely on anecdotal evidence, emotional outbursts, and table thumping. One of them told me that the government statistical agency is controlled by the Jews. He said it was a well-known fact. 

Parliamentary democracy functions reasonably well in peacetime so long as different opinions are allowed. But since the referendum the winning 52% have turned nasty and the 48% who voted to remain in Europe are accused of flouting "the will of the people," be they parliamentarians, high court judges, or senior diplomats.

Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu (photo Wikipedia)

At the moment Nigel Farage enjoys popular support but he should remember that another populist, Nicolae Ceausescu, used to address adoring crowds from his balcony until they shot him and his wife on Christmas morning 1989. He endeared himself to the Romanian mob by demanding independence from the Soviet bloc but when their economy collapsed they turned on him.

Searching for Lord Haw Haw – reviewed for Amazon

Colin Holmes has produced another biography of William Joyce, Searching for Lord Haw Haw. I have also read Rebecca Wests 1948 book The Meaning of Treason, Francis Selwyn's 1987 account Hitler's Englishman, and Mary Kenny's splendid 2003 biography Germany Calling. To my mind the Mary Kenny biography is easily the best.
Professor Colin Holmes has written a well-researched and lavishly referenced book but his dislike of William Joyce is obvious. It's easy to dismiss Joyce as a traitor. He was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death but did a British court in 1945 arrive at the right verdict? He certainly assisted the Nazis and shared their views on plutocracy but he never hurt a British person by broadcasting from Germany.
He was born in the United States to Irish parents and was a naturalized German citizen. But he had held a British passport and on the strength of that he was executed. A traitor is someone who hates his country but William Joyce loved Britain. In 1937 he wrote the following prophetic words in National Socialism Now:
"For all of us British people there is a land for which we have played our part, great or humble in the drama of life, a land where  we have had our happy days as well as the sad. We generally forget the spring mornings, with the splendid sun sparkling on the dew in the green fields, the white lanes with their smiling hedges in summer, the rich tint of the leaves in the declining autumn afternoon, the first nip of winter, the English Christmas with our nearest and dearest, the mists on the fens, the gigantic bustle of our great cities, the fire-breathing giants of the night in the Black Country or by South Shields, the long snaky monsters that bring happiness, sorrow, hope or anxiety into Euston or King's Cross , the ocean battering away at the rocks of Devon, the Cockney with his Shoreditch barrow, making fun of every moment in his struggling little life, the broad Mersey restively bringing the challenge of the sea into the heart of Liverpool, the godly majesty of the Highlands, the serene power of the mountains of North Wales, even the rain blending so strangely with the romance of our early days, when as children we played in it - all these things are most often out of our minds, but if it ever happens to us to see the chalk cliffs receding for the last time as the water widens between us and our homeland then the memories will come in a choking flood, and we shall know our land when it is too late.
This is the land for which better than we have died. For it we are asked not to die but to live; it is ours, it belongs to us in every spiritual and sensuous way; it must be ours in every other way, completely and utterly ours, not for some but for all of us. Know this truth, feel it, live it, and the victory shall be ours.
Some there are who will call the sentiment cheap; but it has been again and again redeemed in the blood of heroes, whose spirit the cheap alone can never understand."

Ron Tear a Good and Loyal Patriot - John Bean

Ronald Tear RIP - 1 December 1929 - 4 February 2017

Ron and I were much the same age. He first committed himself to active support for the cause of Nationalism and patriotism in 1959. This was a year after my formation of the National Labour Party.

I was speaking at our open air meeting held every Sunday in Bethnal Green when Ron, who had been standing as a new spectator, offered to sell our paper Combat. A local NLP member  said 'He's over-keen. He might be a spy'. I just felt instinctively that Ron Tear was what he claimed to be and  signed him up as an NLP member. One reason why we had not seen him  before was that he only just left the British Army. This could have been why over the next 25 years he always followed my actions, without debate, in looking for the best methods for raising support for the Patriotic Right.

In 1960 the NLP amalgamated with Colin Jordan's White Defence League to form the British National Party. Ron Tear
supported this, as he did eighteen months later when a majority of members did not want to follow the British Nazi party objective that Jordan was now after.

Ron was one of the most active members of the BNP in the greater London area and again followed the decision in early 1967 to enter into the formation of the National Front - whose initial membership was predominantly BNP. He continued his high activity for another 15 years, which no doubt was a factor in the breakdown of his marriage. It was at the same time that I felt I needed a retirement from the political struggle, which was intended to be temporary.

IN 1999 I published my autobiography of my political life up to then, Many Shades of Black. There were some who thought that this meant I was about to re-enter the arena and challenge my old friend John Tyndall in running the BNP, which in effectiveness had taken over from the ever-splitting National Front. Ron Tear had acted on this rumour and came knocking on my door. 'John', he said, ' If you are aiming to take charge again then count me in.' I did not.

I hope I did not betray his loyalty and his mental and physical courage in achieving the small gains we did make in those years.

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European Outlook # 38 February 2017

We are still Europeans

Theresa May has made it clear that Brexit means a total break with the European Union. We will be out of the single market and the customs union. Her long-awaited speech to the dignitaries at Chatham House was celebrated by the jingoistic press. The Daily Mail featured a front page cartoon of her as Britannia treading the European flag underfoot, and The Sun boasted that they might have written her speech themselves.

British Prime Minister Theresa May photo The Independent

Our leap into the unknown is supposed to control immigration but the Tories simply can't be trusted. Dave Cameron promised to reduce immigration to "the tens of thousands" but his Home Secretary Theresa May allowed it to rise to 370,000. It's true that EU citizens had a right to come here but she failed to stop non-European immigration. 
On a recent visit to Guys Hospital in London I was dealt with by an Australian receptionist, a South African nurse, an Italian technician, and an Irish doctor. I've got a Portuguese dentist, an Indian GP, a Pakistani optician, an Irish publican, a Turkish restaurateur, an Egyptian barber, and a Polish builder. None of them would be here if they were not required. We have got one of the highest employment rates in Europe but we still need workers from abroad.

Our globalist Tory government is begging Donald Trump for a trade deal. But nationalism, especially economic nationalism, is always at another nation's expense. When Trump says "America First" he means it. Any trade deal with America will be on their terms. Stand by for genetically modified crops, chemically enhanced chicken and uncontrolled drug prices that will cripple the National Health Service.

But nothing lasts forever and when this madness has run its course we will still be Europeans by history, geography, blood and culture, separated from the mainland by 30km of water.

George Soros
The American writer, financier and philanthropist George Soros has replaced Bernard Baruch and Emmanuel Goldstein in the far-right's imagination. They attack him for being a Jew but he has never practiced that religion. He was born to a Hungarian family who changed their name from Swartz. He has never been in a concentration camp. During the German occupation of Hungary he worked for the Ministry of Agriculture. According to Soros he “grew up in a Jewish anti-Semitic home” in which his parents were “uncomfortable with their religious roots.”

He is known as the man who broke the Bank of England because he made a lot of money out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism fiasco of 1992. He later explained that there was nothing anti-British about this coup. It was just that the UK had entered the ERM at an impossibly high exchange rate - at Margaret Thatcher’s insistence - and he took advantage of the situation.

His wealth makes him a member of the Establishment but fellow millionaires like Ukip patrons Paul Sykes, Arron Banks, and Alan Bown describe themselves as rebels.

He is accused of being a communist but he helped to bring down the Soviet Union by financing the Solidarity movement in Poland and the Charter 77 movement in Czechoslovakia.

He is also accused of supporting the New World Order but he opposed George W Bush's “War on Terror.” And he is accused of being a Zionist but he is an outspoken critic of Israel. He said: “There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that. It’s not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti-Semitism as well. I’m critical of these policies.”

George Soros is an internationalist and a liberal but he is also a shrewd businessman who knows what he is talking about. His views on Brexit are worth listening to:

"At the moment the people of the UK are in denial. The current economic situation is not as bad as was predicted and they live in hope. But as the currency depreciates, and inflation will be the driving force, this will lead to declining living standards. This is going to take some time but when it does happen they'll realise that they are earning less than before because wages won't rise as fast as the cost of living.

The divorce is going to take a long time. It's much harder to divorce than to get married, so I think the desire for rapprochement will develop, and in theory or maybe even in practice you could have a situation in 2019 or 2020 when Britain will leave the EU on a Friday but join over the weekend and have new arrangements in place on Monday morning."

Putting Europe Together Again

Greg Johnson of Counter Currents says that he won’t take European unionists seriously until we can put Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia together again. But that is exactly what the European Union is doing. Slovenia and Croatia are together again in the EU and so are the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia have applied for membership of the EU and Albania and Kosovo are bound to follow.

Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are de-facto members of the EU by virtue of their accession to the European Free Trade Association. And whatever Theresa May says to the contrary the UK will make similar arrangements. Ultimately history is driven by economics not by the hatreds and prejudices of politicians.

There may be old quarrels between member states but the EU is working. When I was born we were carpet bombing German cities and they were attacking us with cruise missiles and rockets but now 
we are at peace.

Brexit is seen by some Americans as a British version of the Boston Tea Party but it's nothing of the sort. Brexit was promoted by the mass media which is dominated by The Sun, The Daily Mail and Sky Television. The narrow victory of the Leave campaigners was clinched by their anti-European propaganda. They convinced the public that immigration was a European problem but more than half of our immigrants come from outside Europe and there is no reason why we cannot control them.

Europe will not degenerate into a patchwork of mini states anymore than the South will rise again. Throughout history tribes have united to become nations and nations have grown into mighty empires. This momentum will not be stopped by loud-mouthed populism or suffocating nostalgia. If European civilization is to survive we must stick together and not allow real or imagined differences to stand in the way of solidarity.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was set up in 1949 to counter possible Soviet aggression in Europe. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990 it lost its reason for existence but instead of disbanding it recruited most of the former communist states bordering Russia.

Nato intervened in Serbia in 1999 and in Afghanistan in 2001. Serbia was a European problem but the Afghan operation was clearly outside of its remit. The invasion of Afghanistan ousted the Taliban regime that had been set-up by the Americans to counter the Soviet occupation. It was in retaliation for the 9/11 attacks on the USA. That outrage was carried out by a gang of Saudi Arabian nationals led by an Egyptian but America used it to justify their invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent destruction of Iraq.

The new American president expects Nato member states to contribute 2% of their GDP. At present the USA pays 70% of the $9 billion Nato budget. But Donald Trump is so careful with the taxpayer's money that he has appointed no less than six Goldman Sachs executives to his cabinet.

Jens Stollenberg, the Norwegian head of Nato, defends the organization with passion but many critics want to abolish it. American general Curtis Scaparotti commands a military force that stands ready to resist an unlikely Russian takeover of the Baltic States.

By standardizing military equipment and training Nato has laid the foundations of a future European defence force. At present this is just a proposal, which Britain is strongly opposed to, but the reality is that America will not be prepared to pay for Europe’s defence forever.

Britain is leaving the EU but we will continue to co-operate with the rest of our continent. The clear and present danger to Europe is not the threat of a Russian invasion but the Third World invasion that is already happening. We are helping to patrol the Mediterranean but a much greater effort must be made. We cannot hide on our side of the Channel and pretend that this problem does not exist. Outside of the EU migrants will still be attracted to the UK by our employment opportunities and our generous social provisions.

Naval co-operation could be the beginning of much greater things but according to press reports Theresa May is proposing David Cameron as the next secretary general of Nato, although It's not clear what a reckless gambler and a failed prime minister could bring to the post. Perhaps we need an old Etonian to lead a doomed cavalry charge against the Russian guns?

Keynesian Economics

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) established his reputation with his book The Economic Consequences of the Peace (1919). In the thirties he proposed to reduce unemployment with a radical program of government spending on public works. He realised that modern methods of production had changed everything, and he famously said: "When events change, I change my mind. What do you do?"

Adolf Hitler and FD Roosevelt took his advice and put their people back to work but the British government ignored him just as they had ignored Oswald Mosley in 1929  

Keynes realised that a thriving economy can get away with deficit spending. Workers earning good wages spend their money and pay their taxes and a few billion pounds worth of ‘quantitative easing’ doesn’t matter. This system is currently keeping Europe, America and Japan going. But since the financial crisis of 2008 the leading nations have started retreating into protectionism. America’s rejection of the Pacific trade deal, and Britain’s exit from the European Union, are short-term measures that will not work.

We have rejected Europe in favour of world trade. But trade deals always have strings attached. We cannot trade with India and China unless we accept their migrants. And we cannot recapture the old white dominions because Canada is part of the North American Free Trade Agreement and Australia and New Zealand are tied to Asian markets. 

Most nations trade with their neighbours and we are no exception. Ireland and Belgium are more important to us than India or China and it would be madness to have tariffs between us. We should reject economic nationalism and maintain our membership of the single market. President Donald Trump has promised us a favourable trade deal but he is an unsentimental businessman who is bound to put America first.

Tomorrow's World by Bill Baillie from Nationalist Week No 144, October 2007

For over half a century Britain has been importing cheap labour from all over the world. For the most part the immigrants have settled into self-contained areas and have not been assimilated into the general population. They have kept their own languages, music, food and religions. The liberal dream of a consensual multi-racial colonisation has completely failed at almost every level.

Research published by scientist Craig Venter shows that the races of mankind may have developed separately. This is rejected by the politically correct who think that ethnology is a taboo subject and it's seized upon by racists to justify their beliefs. Knowing our origins may help us to understand a world of collapsing empires, shifting populations, and constantly advancing technology.

Rhodesia was a prosperous colony until British protégé Robert Mugabe drove out the European farmers and replaced them with unskilled Africans. The country is now ruined but the great exploiters of Africa, like Anglo American, De Beers, Rio Tinto, Union Miniere, and North China Grid will protect their interests by installing a new and more pragmatic regime.

                               Ian Smith 1919 - 2007

As Europeans we are outraged to see our kinsmen lose their dominion over Zimbabwe and to see their numbers reduced from 300,000 to 30,000. But we knew this would happen when Ian Smith's brave rebellion was forced into surrender by American pressure on neighbouring South Africa.

Those of us who oppose the destruction of Europeans in Africa and Third World immigration into Europe are not necessarily driven by racism or hostility. We simply want to maintain our culture and ethnicity; a right enshrined in the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights. If Native Americans and First Australians are entitled to survival then so are we.

It is perfectly reasonable to believe in Europe for the Europeans whilst acknowledging the cultural and scientific achievements of other races. We share the same planet and must jointly find solutions to population growth, climate change and diminishing resources. We must have a forum for debate and treaties limiting nuclear weapons. And we must promote an equitable distribution of wealth. This is not wishful thinking but common sense. The only alternative to co-operation is world domination. We know all about running a world empire but America will have to learn that cheap oil and cheap coffee are paid for in blood.

But there is no need for Europe and European-settled territories to be overrun by the teeming masses of humanity, People can be resettled and international problems can be resolved using the enormous economic power unleashed by modern science. Tomorrow's world will be based on equality and mutual respect but no state can be permitted to claim that it has been chosen by God to dominate all others. The age of supremacist imperialism is over.

Mark Cotterill

Mark Cotterill is the editor of the independent nationalist magazine Heritage and Destiny. He was a National Front organiser, the founder of the American Friends of the BNP, and an elected England First councillor on the Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council.

In your European Outlook blog article "Racism is Racism" you say some people tried to register a party called "White People's Party" (in 2003) with the Electoral Commission but got turned down, so they called the party "British People's Party" instead.

This is not so, we tried to register a party called "White Nationalist Party" - the EC turned us down. So some of us formed (and registered) the England First Party (EFP) instead, around the end of 2003.

The British People's Party was not formed / registered until the end of the following year - 2004.

Interesting blogs by the way. Keep up the good work. Regards, Mark Cotterill

European Outlook: Thanks Mark, It's important to get our facts right but my point about the Electoral Commission's rejection is still valid. If the word 'white' is offensive then 'black' must be just as bad. Can anyone imagine universities offering courses in 'white studies' or local authorities supporting 'white history month?' If we are going to have a Race Relations Act it should apply across the board. 

James Dickie

James Dickie also known as Yaqub Zaki was born in Greenock, Scotland, the son of an engineer. He converted to the Muslim religion at school. He studied at Glasgow University and got his PhD at the University of Granada. He learned fluent Arabic and travelled widely throughout the Middle East, where he met his wife Irina Abdurrahda. He was appointed Professor of Islam at Lancaster University. In 2005, when he was deputy leader of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, he was asked by The Sunday Times about a possible terrorist attack on Tony Blair's office. He is reported to have replied:

"I say go ahead. I would be very happy. The IRA did it. They had rockets that were ready to rain down on No 10. It would be a shame it's a beautiful Georgian property. I wouldn't like it to be destroyed but as for the inmates, well, I don't care much what happens to them."

The Undead edited by James Dickie - available from Amazon

This is a collection of Vampire and Vampire-related poems and stories. My only knowledge of the genre is from the cinema and I never appreciated the scope of the subject, or the range of authors. They have all contributed to the mythology of the macabre and their stories share themes that combine to reinforce their authority. Like science fiction, this branch of fantasy is a vehicle without limitations. The most sceptical reader can find himself believing in Vampires, at least for a while. James Dickie has chosen his stories with care and introduced them objectively. Most of them are good stories in their own right that are worth reading. The occult factor is almost incidental. Bill Baillie

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European Outlook # 37 January 2017

Jez Turner

Candour magazine’s front page carries a report by Jez Turner, organiser of the London Forum. He is a nationalist who writes with passion. To Jez everything about the EU is bad. He sees EU supporters as “traitors, bankers and globalists”, led by “professional charity monger and self-advertising Jew Bob Geldof.” And he calls Eddie Izzard, who ran 43 marathons in 51 days, “infamous transvestite Eddie Izzard the lizard.”

But Jez’s side have got their fair share of oddballs, capitalists and race traitors. The original Referendum Party was led by the billionaire Jimmy Goldsmith, and Brexit is supported by Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere, Melanie Phillips, Richard Desmond, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson; a fine bunch of patriots.

One of the main arguments of the Brexiteers is that ‘Commonwealth’ immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and the Caribbean should be given preference over ‘foreigners’ from the European mainland.

We have already seen the pound plunge against the dollar and there has been a rise in non-European immigration. Brexit will make us poorer and blacker and anyone who believes that we have “got our country back” should ponder Theresa May’s recent statement that Israel is “a beacon of democracy.”

Does anyone seriously believe that we will be one iota less globalists outside the EU? We will simply exchange the rules of the single market for those of the World Trade Organization. Our armed forces will still be under Nato command, we will still conform to the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights, and our greedy capitalists will still export jobs and import labour. Jez and his mates are deceiving themselves.

Racism is Racism

The British people voted to leave the EU because populist politicians persuaded them that it would stop immigration. But if we stopped immigration tomorrow we would still have millions of foreigners who came here legally and have no intention of leaving. Most of them will be absorbed into the general population within a couple of generations but some of them have no intention of adapting to our culture.

When a group of political activists tried to register the White People's Party they were refused permission by the Electoral Commission on the grounds of racial discrimination. Instead, they called it the British People's Party which is now absorbed into the National Front. That's fair enough but the law should apply to everyone. Organisations like the Black Police Association and Black Lives Matter should be prosecuted. If the word "white" is offensive the word "black" must be equally offensive,

Racial quotas are discriminatory and should not be allowed. Jobs should go to those best qualified regardless of race or religion. If we want a fair society we must abandon the targets set by misguided politicians. So called 'positive discrimination' is just as bad as 'negative discrimination'. The police, for instance, are not impartial. When a white man was thrown to his death from Hungerford Bridge in London by a gang of blacks, a senior officer stated that the crime could not have been racial because: "the victim was white."

Greg Dyke accused the Football Association of being dominated by elderly white men. But would he have dared to speak out if it was dominated by young black men?

The Policeman's Union is for all officers, black and white, and all lives matter, not just black lives. The Cenotaph in Whitehall commemorates all those who died for the British Empire. The Jews do not need to have their own ceremony and there is no reason for a separate memorial for women.

Promoters of multi-racialism point to slavery and imperialism as excuses for their one-sided policies but our  grandparents were little more than slaves. Britain never imported large numbers of black slaves because white workers were even cheaper. And it was the Royal Navy that stopped the slave trade. There is no excuse for the anti-white racism that is practised against us. Let everyone be treated fairly.

Mosley Speaks

An account of the BUF meeting at Earls Court in July 1939, by John Charnley, from Blackshirt and Roses, Brockingday Publications, London, 1990, pp 84-85.

British Union was now involved in a peace campaign and demands on me increased as we were pressed to make even greater efforts to avert war. In July 1939 our Campaign culminated in the largest indoor political meeting ever held anywhere in the world, at Earls Court, London.

It was, needless to say, the most spectacular political meeting I ever attended. There had been a rehearsal on the afternoon, Sunday July 16th, but it didn't have any particular impact, since the hall was more or less empty except for a small number of stewards. The whole orchestration of the meeting was in the hands of John Hone, which is not generally realised. 

I was positioned in the top gallery, and the atmosphere of the evening, as the time of the meeting approached, was intense. Proceedings opened with a fanfare of trumpets, followed by the pageantry of the British Union Drum Corps leading the massed flags and Honour Standards of hundreds of branches.

It was a huge hall, with a vast audience, most of whom were anti-war even if they were not all pro-Mosley. The people began to stand up and cheer.

The cry "Mosley...Mosley...Mosley...Mosley" echoed down the hall, rising up to the balcony in an every-increasing crescendo of sound.

Then suddenly the whole audience was on its feet. They clapped, they roared, they cheered. And Mosley hadn't even arrived! When the standards stations were taken up at the front of the hall there was absolute silence. The roll of drums and a searchlight drawn down the centre of the hall, and in the far distance you could see the figure in black.

The uniform had been abolished, but there stood Mosley in a dark suit, black shirt and tie. He marched down the centre aisle unescorted, and as he did so the cheers began to rise, developing and expanding until I thought the roof would come down! This was the man upon whom we had pinned our hopes, the man who could save our country and Empire, and lift our people from poverty and demoralisation to ever greater heights!

He made his way towards the most unusual plinth, upon which he was to speak, a sort of boom projecting into the auditorium. The people were shouting and cheering, and just going mad. He raised his hand, and slowly... silence. Then he began. I think it was the finest speech he ever delivered. At many points he had to stop speaking because of the wave of applause.

Mosley's great theme was peace, but he also addressed the other issue which had dominated his 7-year crusade in British Union, notably the power of international finance.

"We have shown over and over again in infinite detail how the money and credit of the British people, created by the exertions of the British people and by no other force on earth, has been used for their own destruction in the equipment of the Orient with its sweated labour to undercut and to destroy the West; in order that usury, international usury, may draw its dividends and its interest by destroying the country of its origin through the equipment of our world-wide competitors against us. We have shown again and again how the British Empire, as well as the British people, the British industrialists and the British worker, has been relentlessly sacrificed to this international power; how the whole of our international trading system, how our conflicting party system and our foreign policy above all, is maintained for one reason and for one reason alone - that the money power of the world may rule the British people and through them may rule mankind."

The Truth about Immigration

The referendum last June was supposed to be about Europe but many people thought it was about immigration. The mass media conflated the issues and the public fell for it. But the truth is that the majority of immigrants to the UK are from outside the EU. The figures for year ending March 2016 are: 180,000 from the EU and 190,000 from outside the EU.

Brexit will have no effect on the number of non-European immigrants coming to the UK. In fact, if we stop European workers from coming here we can expect more immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. The capitalists need cheap labour and they don't care where it comes from. 

Some people thought that the economic consequences
of Brexit would be worth it to control immigration. But our membership of the EU only guaranteed free movement of labour within Europe. There was nothing stopping us from controlling non-European immigration but despite promises to limit it to the "tens of thousands" it's still rising.  

Britain has always taken in refugees; Flemings escaping from the Spanish invasion in the 16th century, French Huguenots in the 17th century, Irish victims of the Great Famine of 1850, Italians from the War of Independence, Belgians in the First World War, Poles in the Second World War, and Hungarians in 1956, They were all assimilated within a generation because they were fellow Europeans.  

The Populist Revolution

The results of the euro referendum and the American presidential election are being hailed as a right wing populist revolution that is sweeping the world. This great movement of the people is expected to install Marine le Pen as president of France, and unseat Angela Merkel in Germany. But is it true?

Both events were unexpected by the pundits - including me. The euro referendum was supposed to be about our membership of the EU but it was confused by immigration and influenced by the propaganda of the popular press. The American election was won by Donald Trump, a national celebrity, standing against Hilary Clinton who was generally disliked.

It's not certain that these results are a good sign for the Front National in France or the AFD in Germany. The common theme is immigration and globalism but the French electoral system allows voters to think again, and Angela Merkel has changed her mind about refugees and is now talking about deportation.

Donald Trump is a billionaire property owner and Nigel Farage comes from a privileged background but they have convinced the punters that they are working class. The French, who gave us liberty, fraternity and equality, are not so gullible, and the Germans have learned to be wary of populist politicians.

This may be a case of journalists getting carried away with themselves. It's sometimes difficult to tell if they are reporting public opinion or creating it.

We may be in the middle of a revolution but the chances are that things will stay the same. Mass migration is a feature of global capitalism that can only be addressed by international action to reform world trade. It can't be solved by tearing up treaties or building walls.

Apart from a few countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia and North Korea the world is run by reasonable men and women who can be persuaded to work together for world peace. Problems of production and distribution can be resolved. Scientists and economists are developing systems that will eventually change society. But while we are waiting we shouldn't take too much notice of self-promoting politicians shouting meaningless slogans.

Nearly a Century

Miss Rotha Lintorn Orman founded the British Fascists in 1923. Since that time various patriotic movements have won seats on local councils and other assemblies but never at Westminster.

Oswald Mosley founded the British Union of Fascists in 1932. He was unprepared for the general election of 1935 and the BUF was closed down by the government in 1940 under Defence Regulation 18B. He tried again with Union Movement in 1948 but the grim austerity of the post war period soon turned into the swinging sixties, and his predictions of economic crisis fell on deaf ears.

By the seventies immigration was the main issue and the National Front made an appearance. They fielded over 300 candidates in the 1979 general election but following disastrous results they all but disintegrated. The NF's performance was recently repeated by the BNP. They won council seats all over the country and two seats on the European Parliament but following equally disastrous results in the 2010 general election they too collapsed.

The old British Fascists were described by Arnold Leese as "Tories with knobs on." His own movement, the Imperial Fascist League, was insignificant but it laid the foundations for later movements. The BUF were genuine revolutionaries who found themselves on the wrong side of a world war. Ukip is the current nationalist party but they deserve Arnold Leese's sarcastic description.

Several little parties emerged from the wreckage of the BNP but their performances have been dire. As a result, we are still ruled by unprincipled plutocrats who export jobs and import labour. The so-called left wing parties have been just as useless as their opposite numbers and the Labour Party has aided and abetted the Tories at every step. After nearly a hundred years of campaigning we still need a modern patriotic party with achievable policies.

Uninvited Visitors - Frank Walsh - ab4ps.com

I, Mr. Frank Walsh was phoned at about 18.30 on Friday 10 June 2016 from my doctors practice, in London SW19. The doctor asked to visit me at home, as I was not understanding them over a bad telephone line, to explain the results of a blood test for kidney functionality, after recently having stayed in hospital for a Total Heart-Block operation, but I rejected the request, as I was very tired.  The doctor then mentioned about calling the police, to which I said “I will give them no access, as I am too tired.” About 30 minutes later, another doctor rang to say the same thing, and got the same reply, then I fell asleep and was awoke about 10/11pm by loud banging on my flat door, and went to know why and was answered by a said policeman; “Ambulance medics had been ordered by doctors to take me to St George’s Hospital, for tests”. I refused to let them in, telling them, via the letter slot, I was too tired and otherwise felt well. Then a foreign voiced Doctor, supported by police and paramedics forced their way into my (a 90 year old Folk Family Loyalist) flat.  Naturally, I resisted their non-criminal charged invasion though days earlier I maybe had upset the authorities, after release from St George’s Hospital, by refusing to allow a foreign voiced said carer access to my flat, on the grounds that “I am not compatible to some aliens. especially if they were traitors to their own country, by becoming subjects of our historical oft foreign ruled one, and more so if they had been their folk’s imperialist oppressors, by working for them." For like the great majority of my natural instinctive, Folk Family Loyalists (Though “Many of our folk have taken the coward’s way, of being apologetically in shit fear, of differing with aliens). I was wary of being demonised as being a racist by them and detained at “Her Majesty’s Pleasure” until death, under an old feudal dictated law, used by foreign ‘doctors’ many of whom are dicey docs, having bought titles in their homeland’s phony universities, and lust to get rid of their hated Folk Loyalists exposers, as I think they had done (By medically imprisoning, till dead, Nationalist Loyal Lady Jane Birdwood) backed by Traitor May's instigated growing alien staffed police, in the name of Our Folk’s Dead Freedom Fighters, and their enforced alienated laws, made by our Zionist ruler’s to be legislated by their Folk Traitor Puppet Parliaments (therefore illegal).
Whatever, a team of about 7 Wimbledon police and paramedics plus ‘doctor’ smashed open the door and the glass of an intervening door to enter, our rulers' propaganda indoctrinated, castled home, though I had tried to not let them in, and for about an hour they tried, without physical force, to overbearingly make me go with the medics to the hospital, which I adamantly refused to do. Regretfully in my anger, I called the medics flunkies which, on reflection, as I knew they were trying to do their socially good work, I meant they were behaving like flunkies by overbearingly trying to take me against my will, to the hospital. Eventually the police left, after having well cleaned up their broken glass window partitioning door, with the promise of compensation for their done damaged, then the medics left, with what I thought a given understanding, that they would not be returning. After cleaning up the invaders made mess, I went to bed and was awoke about 3am again by the police booting the door open, with about 7 other different police and same medics, with the same demands, and I telling them that unless it was a doctor's excusable dire order to  help a physically or mentally unabled, as doctors are in a said democracy an advisory not a dictatorial social body, and they should respect my right, not to be taken elsewhere against my will, I also tried to tell the police of my surprise at their assisting in an illegal kidnapping of me, then I managed to open the bathroom window and shout out “They are trying to take me away,” but no neighbour replied, which  showed me the social fear of becoming involved, against any authority, for our Folks best in Our Country. After which the police left, again with the promise of doing any caused repairs to my door etc., they had done. Soon followed by the medics, who left their fully positive ticked questionnaire, regarding my mental awareness and asked me if I would be responsible for them leaving without me, to which I gladly said yes. But, as yet 27/7/2016 I have had no repairs “So be our ruler’s promises.” I only think the time and number of police used, was because I am registered by them as a social deviant, so they were used as Hollywood NKVD, Gestapo etc. extras who do not need to keep their word to have the damaged repaired, as they are the regime's Uninvited Visitors. FPW

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