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European Outlook # 41, May 2017

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. This blog is protected by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19: "We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."
There are many visions of Europe; Charles de Gaulle's "Europe des Patries", Oswald Mosley's "Europe a Nation", Francis Parker Yockey's "Imperium", and Alexander Dugin's "Eurasia". These are aspirations, or hopes for the future, but the European Union is a physical reality, a customs union of 28 sovereign states; not exactly what we want but a step in the right direction. The following article by LJ Irving first appeared in National Freedom in 1995. 

The Alternative Europe - LJ Irving

As the twentieth century draws to its close the big question is, what next? It has not been Britain's greatest century. It began with Britain ruling the finest empire on earth, command of the seas made us the world's leading power, our middle and upper classes enjoyed the highest standard of living on the globe, Britain was still truly great.

All these things have been swept away at the close of the century. In terms of actual power Britain's fall was one of the fastest in history. Churchill, the architect of downfall, has been idolised again in that nostalgia trip 'VE Day', but all Vera Lynn's songs count for nothing compared with the power that Churchill squandered.

So, what next? Something has been happening since the British Empire fell. A huge mass of Third World peoples is on the move to take possession of the lands of the West, like the barbarian immigration into the Roman Empire when imperial power declined. But it is more than this. Third World governments hold a majority in the United Nations Assembly, and 'world democracy' in that talking-shop is increasingly anti-white. Further, all Eastern Asia is being industrialised at record speed. Asian economic power increases by the month. In short, the white Western world is threatened on three fronts.

Thus, to counter these threats, the idea took shape of self-governing White states, consisting of the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and quite separate from a United Europe, inheriting the best traditions of the British Empire. Very regrettably it is a forlorn hope, for three reasons.

Firstly, the Empire cannot be rebuilt in any shape or form. History shows that we get only one chance to do anything like that. Many factors were in its favour when it began in the great Elizabethan age. Many factors are against it in the modern age.

Second, a White Commonwealth would lack the resources to endure. It would certainly have raw material resources but not the other types. A big concentration of modern industries of the technological age is one of the most decisive. But the vital resource is people. There are at least 4 billion in the Third World, and their numbers increase every hour. A White Commonwealth could muster just over a 100 million, and what is worse, they are dispersed across the globe. To survive you must concentrate.

Thirdly a White Commonwealth would soon be exposed to attacks orchestrated by the United Nations. The least it could expect is a propaganda war against 'neo-colonialism' and 'racism'. Its trade on the long sea-haul to Australia and New Zealand would be harried by interference, 'inspections' and 'incidents'. This would stiffen its resolve, but the big opponent is geography. Between Britain and the two Southern Dominions there are in one direction, Asia and Africa, and the Americas in the other direction. Both land masses have innumerable points where trade, and all other communications, between Britain and the two Dominions can be stifled and finally cut.

This need not mean war. All that is required are two or three resolutions passed by the United Nations. The situation would be similar to the UN campaign against South African apartheid. In that case one country defied them for a while and then capitulated, but a White Commonwealth would be four countries thousands of miles apart, and their enemies active in between.

As for the USA does anyone suppose that the Clinton administration constantly kowtowing to Asian countries it wants as friends and allies, would support a White Commonwealth? But unless Americans make superhuman efforts to reverse coloured immigration, we may have to reckon with worse fairly soon, a coloured majority USA. Canada would not survive as a White Dominion in this event.

Europe remains however, and it fulfils many of the requirements for preserving the future of the whites with its roots in the classic civilisations of Greece and Imperial Rome. When fully united it could include over 550 million people who have shown in their past wars that they have the will to endure. Europe is also well equipped with modern industries. With some of the best soils and climate in the world it can easily feed itself.

But Europe's great advantage over a White Commonwealth scattered among its enemies, is that it can form the shape of a bloc, closed against the United Nations, closed against Third World immigration, closed against Asian sweated competition.

Which Europe are we talking about, however? Certainly not the present conglomeration whose goal is Maastricht federalism and soulless uniformity imposed on the many different European peoples. This Europe is the invention of the Americanised Frenchman Monnet, 'the father of the common market'. It is just another of the big bureaucracies foisted on the world by the USA after the war, such as the UN, the World Bank, the IMF and the GATT, now the World Trade Organisation. Monnet was Washington's evil genius in Europe.

We are talking instead about a very different concept. The crux of the matter is power, and power would be taken out of the hands of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to be invested in a European government elected by Europeans. But this common government, consisting of persons capable of doing their jobs, would deal only with issues covering the whole continent: defence, external affairs and the all-important financial and economic questions.

All other issues would remain with the national governments. Every nation in Europe would keep its own character, language, traditions and so forth. There would be no American 'melting pot' policy for immigrants, no American 'big government'. Above all it would be 'Europe for the Europeans' and nobody else.

This rich, powerful, all-white, united Europe, could support the future security of its kith and kin in the White Dominions in a way Britain alone could not.

Changed Priorities

It takes a long time for people to change their priorities. The British Empire was dismantled sixty years ago but our generals and admirals are still trying to defend the sea route to India. A retired admiral recently doubted that the Royal Navy could adequately patrol the South China Sea. This imperial worldview has led our government to renew the Trident missile system and commission two super aircraft carriers. The Guardian reported on 18 September 2009.

"The combined cost of replacing the Trident nuclear missile system and building and running two huge aircraft carriers will be as much as £130bn, far more than the government has admitted, an in-depth study of the huge defence project reveals today." 

Eight years later the cost has probably escalated but the government is convinced that the Royal Navy should be capable of fighting a world war.

The Germans haven't got any aircraft carriers or independent nuclear missiles but it doesn't seem to worry them. They have become a prosperous country without burdening themselves with expensive military hardware that will never be used.

The logical answer to defence is a united Europe, in which
we would share the cost with our partners, but we are moving in the opposite direction. The government will therefore have to chose between guns and butter. If we want a National Health Service, social housing, an efficient police force, and a humane prison service we will have to dispense with nuclear missiles, aircraft carriers, and F35B aircraft.

Putting up taxes is not the answer. We are already one of the highest taxed countries in the world, but because our government has driven down wages with cheap labour they are collecting less tax. Poorly paid workers do not pay much tax. We cannot afford decent services while maintaining the pretence of world power.

Our armed forces are capable of defending the UK against a conventional attack but in the unlikely event of a nuclear strike we would be wiped out. We might fire a few missiles at the enemy but nothing would save us. Fortunately, we are at peace with the nuclear-capable nations.

Our best strategy is to mind our own business and not get involved in foreign adventures. Our interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria were a criminal waste of life and treasure. We left each invaded state in a worst condition than when we started. The billions of pounds we spent bombing civilians would have been better spent on the National Health Service. And Muslim terrorists who are trying to blow us up might be less determined if we kept out of conflicts that are beyond our comprehension. It's time for us to rethink our priorities.

We've had hundreds of years of trekking through jungles and deserts on behalf of the East India Company and their modern counterparts. British blood has been shed all over the world in defence of the Empire but now we must learn to be a modern European country. If the government needs enemies let them make war on poverty, inequality and ignorance.

Following President Trump's missile attack on the Syrian airbase Boris Johnson congratulated America and demanded even harsher sanctions against Russia, but the leaders of the G7 ignored him. Our blustering Foreign Secretary with his blind obedience to America has become an embarrassment.

The Rothschilds

The parties and websites of the periphery are united in their condemnation of the Rothschilds. They are accused of controlling the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, and of financing wars and revolutions. They are one of the wealthiest family in the world with interests in banking, mining, and global finance. And they have infiltrated the European aristocracy.

Arnold Leese demonised the Rothschilds with his book Gentile Folly, published in 1940, just before he was detained under Defence Regulation 18B. This is the preface:

This little book has been produced with the object of filling a vacancy which the author considers has too long existed. 
Works on the Rothschilds are many, but nearly all these are either purposefully inaccurate or, like Count Corti’s masterpiece, long and rather dry. This book of mine contains no padding and needs to be read slowly.

I am not concerned with anecdotes about the Rothschilds, nor with registering their “wise-cracks,” nor with their “charity.” I take no interest in the Rothschilds as men or robots, but only as Jews; this book, which has been condensed so as to be within the reach of any working-man or woman, deals with the principal aspects of control over the Gentile by sheer weight of money-power, a control used for purposes not Gentile.

Dealing, as it does, with the last 150 years which have been so full of world-shaking events, it has been no easy task to squeeze what I have to say within the compass of a one-shilling publication. To enable those who have either forgotten their history or (let us be honest) never learned it, to follow the narrative more easily, a calendar of some of the principal historical events of the period follows this preface, and I would advise the reader to have within reach, when reading the book, an ordinary school history-book for occasional reference.

On the page following the Calendar, the reader will find a list of the principal works from which quotations, etc., have been taken, together with the letters of the alphabet used as references to them. Thus, for example, the sign (B, Vol. IV. p. 272) refers to that volume and page in the Jewish Encyclopædia.

In attempting my task, I know that I am only able to expose a small fraction of the total evil done by certain members of this Jewish family in the past; but, like a geologist who tells the story of the earth by his observations upon outcrops of rock, I tell the story of Rothschild control over the Gentiles from the evidence which has happened to come to light, so that my readers may judge for themselves what still lies underground.

Trusting that this book may enable others to dispense knowledge of the subject, I now drop this spanner into the wobbling, squeaking, overheated machinery of an outworn democracy, hoping for the best. I ask my readers to get busy, for the time is short. Arnold Leese.

On a personal note; I met a senior member of the Rothschild clan in 1993 when I was working on the construction of the Queen's Stand at Epsom Racecourse. Sir Evelyn de Rothschild visited site one Sunday morning in his capacity as chairman of United Racecourses. He asked me if the job would be finished in time for the Queen to open the stand for Derby Day. I was not in charge of the site but I told him that my works package would be finished and that I expected the job to be completed on time; as indeed it was.

He didn't look evil to me and I felt no malign or threatening presence. If he really is a shape-shifting reptilian, as believed by David Icke, I saw no sign of it. He is a tall and distinguished man who looks and speaks like an upper class Englishman. He is the Queen's personal financial adviser and his wealth is estimated at $20 billion.

Theresa May Calls an Election

The Prime Minister has called a general election for June 8th. She has decided to capitalise on her massive lead over the Labour Party and finally silence any opposition to Brexit.

The Tory Party has been hijacked by Boris Johnson who favours a total break with Europe and blind obedience to America. He immediately supported the American missile strike on a Syrian airbase and offered Britain's help in any future attack.

The Tories have welcomed the spat with Spain over Gibraltar and Michael Howard has promised to show the Spaniards "what kind of people we are." We already know what kind of person he is. In 1961 Ken Clarke invited Oswald Mosley to address the Cambridge Conservatives, Howard was furious and resigned from the Tory Students' Association in protest.

A war with Spain but would be diplomatically ridiculous and technically difficult. The French would object to a British Expeditionary Force marching across La Belle France, and for the same reason the RAF would be of little use. That leaves the Royal Navy to blockade the Spanish ports and defend the Rock, against a background of universal condemnation. We had a few friends when we fought the Argentine Junta but Spain is a democratic country that’s home to half a million Brits.

Theresa May is a vicar's daughter who supported the status quo until she jumped on the Brexit bandwagon. The Tories never asked us if we wanted to go to war, or if we wanted millions of immigrants, but they have suddenly discovered
"the will of the people."

The Tory hardliners won the UK referendum and at the other end of Europe, Turkish strongman, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, narrowly won a referendum to increase his powers. Europe will have two problem neighbours in the future. The UK in the northwest that thinks that it is not European and Turkey in the southeast that thinks that it is. The reality is that states as economically and militarily important as the UK and Turkey must be accommodated.

Discontented Brits voted to leave the EU and their French counterparts voted for Marine Le Pen in the first round of the presidential election, but petty nationalism is not the answer, what we need is unity and leadership.   

John Radcliff

The Conservative Party was founded by Benjamin Disraeli to defended the Establishment but it has attracted honourable men, such as; Captain Archibald Maul Ramsay, who was locked up under Defence Regulation 18B, Harold Soref, who was a standard bearer for the BUF, and many others who worked discretely in the background.

John Radcliff was a friend and supporter of John Beckett.
He emerged after the war as the senior tutor in public speaking to Conservative Central Office. He was a regular speaker at The Cogers, the world's oldest debating society, founded in 1755.

I fondly remember him as a dignified gentleman of great knowledge who was an accomplished writer and teacher. He has been dead for many years but his wit and wisdom lives on. Here is an extract from his book Public Speaking published by Foyles in 1963.


Everybody daydreams, not only people in your audience. We all have desires and as these desires are often not satisfied in real life we seek satisfaction in fantasy. Women daydream of being wooed by rich and handsome men offering minks and marriage. Men daydream of being millionaires and desirable to women.

A good way of bringing daydream ideas into your subject matter is by mentioning a daydream person - some historical or fictional character who has achieved what members of the audience would like to achieve. Naturally audiences vary in the sort of person they idealise. If you are talking to a literary society they will like to hear about a successful author. Business men will like a reference to Rockefeller. But business men will also open their ears if you mention Napoleon, as will politicians, sportsmen, military men and intelligent boys. The number of biographies of Napoleon that have been published is enormous. This is because an enormous number of people would like to be spectacular conquerors. You do not get the lives of the saints read with such avidity. I have noticed that women in certain audiences listen intently when I say something about Cleopatra. But in another sort of audience a young woman thought Cleopatra was the name of a firm that made needles. So if you want a character who has achieved what most women would like to achieve, you had better mention a film star. With men listeners, however, you will not arouse equivalent interest by mentioning male stars. This is because the romantic success of male stars are confined to the screen. In real marriage, male stars end with paying alimony, and this is not what men listeners would like to achieve. A character who does interest men is Henry the Eighth.

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European Outlook # 40 April 2017

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. This blog is protected by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19: "We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."
The European Social Model

The combined might of Britain and Prussia defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 but by the end of the century the social reforms unleashed by the French Revolution had triumphed. Britain introduced the Great Reform Act in 1867, and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck pioneered National Insurance and Old Age Pensions in the 1880s.

We like to think that the Welfare State was a British invention but it followed reforms that had been sweeping Europe for a hundred years. Today, all of the European states have social services, health care, education, housing and decent working conditions. One of the most progressive European states is Switzerland. The Swiss speak four languages; German, French, Italian and Romansh. They are divided into 26 self-governing Cantons, but they have one federal
government, one currency, one flag, and one defence force.

The European Union should be restructured along similar lines, with a central government for defence and the economy and national governments for everything else. The EU will not be brought down by the defection of a country that never understood the European concept. We never used the euro or signed up to the Schengen Agreement, and we negotiated so many exclusions and opt-outs that we were hardly a member at all. 

Theresa May has condemned us to economic and constitutional uncertainty by signing Article 50, but perhaps the biggest risk is that her government will use Brexit to tear up the social legislation that we rely on. A virtually unopposed Tory government cannot be trusted with the National Health Service.

The Isle of Cloves and Palaces
The pre-war 'Action' ran from 1936 to 1940. Its pages were dominated by unemployment and the threat of war. But the paper also had its lighter side. The following article by 'FC' appeared in issue No 1, describing life in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is not often in the news. The population usually is peacefully picking and drying cloves, of which trade they possess almost a monopoly. Only in Zanzibar and the nearby dependent Pemba Island will the clove tree grow to perfection. The tree is a species of myrtle and the clove is the flower. Copra, which is made from the coconut, is also an important industry. The recent riots were a protest against the new law to prevent the adulteration of copra.

The island is governed by a Sultan and the British Resident, assisted by a Legislative Council. For generations every Sultan on his accession has built himself a palace; so along the coast and inland there are many palaces, in beautiful settings now abandoned and falling into slow decay.

The majority of the population are Arabs and Swahilis, who belong to the Mohammedan faith, and consequently practice entire abstinence from intoxicating liquors. The Government makes sure that the Faithful keep this abstinence by issuing drink licenses, price two rupees each, to Christians and other infidels. There is no drinking test before the application for a license is granted. It is the same size as a driving license, and to avoid disappointment on a hot day it should not be left at home! The licence exempts the holder from the obligation of teetotalism, and if he abuses the exemption the licence may be withdrawn for six months or longer, at the discretion of the British Resident.

The Mohammedans ask Christians to their festivals. It is an exhilarating experience to be at night one of the few Europeans in the midst of some twenty thousand men who are intoning responses to the Imam. Together with another Englishman the writer received an invitation to a wedding. The bride might have been in Timbukto; anyhow, she was not seen. The bridegroom evidently had thought hard on the best method of entertaining two Englishmen. In a conspicuous position were placed two chairs, the rest of the guests being seated on carpets; between the two chairs was placed a small table, and on the table were two glasses, a siphon of soda-water, and a bottle of whisky.

The Arabs, who form the upper classes and farmers are docile and trusted: they habitually by right carry swords, which often are sheathed in chased silver scabbards. What has made them even think of rioting in an island where the prestige of the white man is so high? Perhaps the supposed successful resistance of the Abysinians to a white race has changed their ideas. News travels swiftly in Africa and becomes distorted. It may be that from drum to drum, and by word of mouth, the rumour is spreading that the white man after all is not invincible. There are ominous signs elsewhere of grave unrest.

Predicting the Future

In 1900 London had 50,000 horse drawn cabs, buses, carts and wagons. Each horse produced about twelve kilos of manure a day, plus two litres of urine. It was predicted that within fifty years London would disappear under three metres of manure. This terrible fate never happened because of the invention of motor transport which replaced horses and saved us from being buried.

Current demographic predictions are just as alarming. The white nations are not having enough babies to sustain themselves. A hundred years ago it was usual to have seven or eight children to a family, or even more. By the Second World War couples were having four or five kids; in Italy, Germany and the Soviet Union large families were rewarded by the State, but today two children per family is normal, and lots of people stay single.

At this rate the native British people will die out but the internal combustion engine got us out of the shit in the early twentieth century and who knows what might save us this time. The future is unpredictable because unexpected things happen.

We have gone from imperialism to liberalism in a couple of generations. From one extreme to the other. We have lost the will to conquer but times change and attitudes change with them. President Donald Trump has announced new restrictions on immigration that will establish a precedent for other nations to follow.

Nations are influenced by each other and people respond
to propaganda. In 1979 forty-five percent of the UK population smoked tobacco but that figure is now down to nineteen percent. This reduction has been achieved by education and legislation, and it goes to show what governments can do when they try.

Human behaviour can be changed and a campaign to increase the British birth rate, backed by tax incentives and help with child care and housing, might be just what we need. The 'usual suspects' will react with horror at the idea of preserving the white race but genocide is still a crime even if it's unintentional. The non-white races do not need any encouragement to reproduce but we do.

Reclaiming the Border

Moves by the UK and the USA to control their borders recall the Dominican Parsley War of 1937. The Dominican dictator Leonidas Trujillo (1891-1961) accused Haitian immigrants of stealing jobs from the Dominican people. This was a popular campaign that resulted in a round-up of Haitians living in the border areas. The Haitians are French-speaking Africans but the Dominicans are Latinos. In order to tell the difference between them Trujillo's troops made their captives say the Spanish word for Parsley. If they pronounced it with a French accent they were shot. Some 10,000 people were murdered in this way.

Trujillo, who had a Spanish father and a Dominican mother, was a white supremacist who tried to turn his country white. He encouraged the settlement of refugees from Europe and welcomed Jews fleeing from Nazi Germany. His anti-communist regime was backed by the US but when he was assassinated in 1961 it was widely believed that the CIA was involved. 

Donald Trump has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigration. The booming economy of the United States acts like a magnet to Latin America just as Europe does to the teeming masses of Africa and Asia. Population movements can be resolved by international dialogue. The flood or Syrian refugees into Europe was stopped by agreement with the Turks, and the sea-born African invasion is being stopped by largely unreported diplomatic activities. The EU is training and equipping Libyan forces to intercept sub-Saharan migrants and plane loads of Eritreans and South Sudanese are being quietly repatriated.

The UK has experienced both the advantages and disadvantages of immigration. Nationalists maintain that we managed quite well before we had immigrants, but they are ignoring the skills shortages reported throughout industry. To  dispense with immigration we must first encourage the native birth rate and improve education and training.  

Strange Ideas

A dear old friend of mine denies being a conspiracy theorists but he believes in the following bizarre ideas:

President FD Roosevelt had prior warning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor but he allowed it to happen to get into the Second World War.

General Patton was killed by the CIA to stop him from attacking the Soviet Union or standing for President.

The British Nationality Act of 1948 was passed by the Labour Government of Clement Attlee to turn Britain into a mixed race country.

The Suez fiasco was engineered by the Americans to humiliate Britain and France.

Hugh Gaitskell was killed by the Labour Party to promote Harold Wilson as leader.

President JF Kennedy was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald but by Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service.

Prime Minister Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent.

Trade union leader Arthur Scargill was a Soviet agent.

Prime Minister Ted Heath was a pervert who was blackmailed into taking us into the Common Market.

Louis Mountbatten was killed by the IRA not because he was related to the Royal Family but because he was involved in an Irish paedophile ring.

Princess Diana was killed by the Royal Family to shut her up.

John Smith was killed by the Labour Party to promote Neil Kinnock as leader.

The 9/11 attack was the work of the Israelis, not a gang of Arab terrorists.

The Dunblane and Hungerford massacres were set-up by the British Secret Service to disarm the population and prevent a revolution.

Arms expert Dr Kelly was killed by the British Secret Service to shut him up.

The medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry are poisoning us for profit.

These ideas are weird enough but some people believe in even stranger theories. One leading nationalist recently described the European Union as "a genocidal tyranny." Images of barbed wire and smoking chimneys spring to mind but he was talking about a union of 28 sovereign states with elected governments. Other conspiracy theorists, including the writer and broadcaster David Icke, believe that the world has been taken over by a race of giant lizards disguised as human beings. These delusions are supported by numerous books and websites. Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions, and things are not always what they seem, but there is no great conspiracy. Migration is driven by supply and demand and the world is run by politicians of every race, creed and colour.  

Lothrop Stoddard - The Rising Tide of Colour

Available from Amazon in hardback, paperback and Kindle.

The American historian Lothrop Stoddard (1883-1950) wrote his warning of demographic disaster almost one hundred years ago. He was undoubtedly a racist but he was not an imperialist and The Rising Tide of Colour is about history and economics as well as anthropology. On the subject of immigration he wrote:
"Rigorous exclusion of coloured immigration is thus vitally necessary for the white peoples. Unfortunately, this exclusion policy will not be easily maintained. Coloured population-pressure is insistent and increasing, while the matter is still further complicated by the fact that, while no white community can gain by coloured immigration, white individuals - employers of labour - may be great gainers and hence often tend to put private interest above racial duty. Barring a handful of sincere but misguided cosmopolitan enthusiasts, it is unscrupulous business interests which are behind every white proposal to relax the exclusion laws protecting white areas." 
The introduction to the 1928 edition is written by Madison Grant who was another racial supremacist. But such views
were common at the time. Woodrow Wilson said during his presidential campaign in 1912:

"In the matter of Chinese and Japanese coolie immigration, I stand for the national policy of exclusion. We cannot make a homogeneous population of a people who do not blend with the Caucasian race."

It must be remembered that they knew nothing about DNA, and they believed in Max Muller's 
Aryan invasion theory which was seized upon by the British authorities to justify their occupation of India.

Max Muller (1823-1900) was a German philologist who studied Indo-European languages. He inspired racial theorists, including the Nazis, but he never used the term 'Aryan' to denote a race. He wrote:

"An ethnologist who speaks of Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar."

Race is one of the basic components of humanity but other factors are important. Cultural contact between the races has spread technology around the world and races have leapfrogged evolution through education. The Chinese invented gunpowder but it wasn't long before Europeans were blasting each other with muskets. The British invented the train but the Japanese perfected it. An Englishman, Charles Babbage, made the world's first computer and a Frenchman, Joseph Marie Jacquard, invented programming, but most computers are made in East Asia and most of the helplines are based in India.

Lothrop Stoddard would hardly recognise the world today, where Africans and Asians are studying and teaching at the world's great universities. But many of his predictions have been realised.

He placed great importance on the Russo-Japanese War of 1904. Russia, a great European power, was defeated by Japan and the peoples of Asia celebrated their triumph over the white man. He rightly castigates Britain for being allied with the Japanese against the Russians, Germany for her alliance with the Ottoman Empire, and France for her use of Senegalese troops in Europe. He believed in white solidarity and warned us that we abandon it at our peril. He wrote:

"White race-consciousness has been of course perturbed by numberless internal frictions, which have at times produced partial inhibitions of unitary feeling. Nevertheless, when really faced by non-white opposition, white men have in the past instinctively tended to close their ranks against the common foe. One of the Great War's most deplorable results has been an unprecedented weakening of white solidarity which, if not repaired, may produce the most disastrous consequences."

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European Outlook # 39 March 2017

The Housing Crisis

                                  Harold Macmillan

There was a time when it was possible to buy a house. Wages were in line with inflation, mortgages were reasonable and available, and house prices were relatively stable. None of those conditions apply today. The average house in London costs more than ten times the average annual salary. Mortgages are strictly rationed by banks that were hit by the last crash, and building is restrained by planning permission and a skilled labour shortage.
Social housing provided by housing associations and local authorities is in very short supply. The Tories started selling council houses under Margaret Thatcher in the hope of turning Britain into a property-owning democracy. This diminished the housing stock and the population boom has taken care of the remainder.
It’s still possible to buy or rent a house, or even to get a council house, if you are prepared to live in an area of high unemployment. But if you want to live in London, Manchester or any area where work is available you will be extremely fortunate to find a house.
Theresa May's government has issued a White Paper on housing  but the right wing hijackers of the Tory Party are ideologically opposed to state housing. They believe that the homeless deserve their fate, and they regard social housing as a form of Communism. 
Various schemes have been tried including fixed-interest mortgages, part ownership, and rent controls but the real answer to the problem is simply to build a lot more houses. Of course, this would drive down house prices which might not suit those house owners who like to boast about how much their property is worth.

We need to change the culture of ever increasing property values that has taken root.  Our children and grandchildren deserve roofs over their heads. They are not socially inadequate because they haven’t got half a million pounds to spend. And they would not be a burden on the state if they were paying affordable rents to registered landlords.

Immigration has certainly aggravated the situation but we must deal with the problem as it is instead of being negative about it. The people living in this country need to be housed. Some future government might do something about immigration but that doesn't help us now.

Harold Macmillan was a 'One Nation' Tory who was housing minister in Winston Churchill's post-war government. He built 240,000 houses in 1951-52, 301,000 houses in 1952-53, and 318,000 houses in 1953-54. In those grim days we were desperately short of money, men and materials but he still succeeded. It can be done and it must be done.

Voters' Intentions

The June 2016 referendum in the UK was supposed to be about our membership of the European Union but people voted for all sorts of reasons. One man said that he was sick of being dictated to by London - not Brussels but London. Many people voted to get rid of foreigners, and  a Yorkshireman said that he voted Leave to get the coal mines reopened.

American voters who elected Donald Trump were just as confused by a billionaire property developer who presents himself as a man of the people.

An angry man said that he was voting for the National Front. When he was told that there are no candidates in a referendum he said: "Then I will vote Labour."

One man told me before the referendum that he was voting Leave to get rid of the euro. I told him that we didn't use the euro but I don't think that he believed me.

Nearly everyone that I spoke to voted Leave to stop immigration but hardly any of them knew that half of our immigrants come from the Commonwealth. A West Indian woman told me that she had every right to be here because she was a subject of Queen Elizabeth and had worked in the National Health Service for twenty years. She was voting Leave because "The country is full up."

Literacy tests for voters were introduced in the Southern United States in the 1890s and abolished by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. They were considered to be unfair to the blacks but many poor whites were also disenfranchised.

White-ruled Rhodesia had voting rights based on property ownership that were designed to exclude Africans but they too discriminated against poor whites.

In Britain, where almost everybody can vote, UK Political Info gives the state of the parties is as follows:
Conservatives 42%
Labour 27%
Lib Dem 10%
Ukip 12%
Other 10%
Parliamentary democracy has been replaced by an elected Tory dictatorship.

Trooping the Colour - GL Nicol
Reprinted from The European, May 1958

We sailed on New Year's Day from Southampton. An elderly major-general in a British warm waved from the quayside. The band on deck played a patriotic medley. We were sailing, one entire battalion, to Port Sudan. With us were a few Sandhurst RASC officers, newly-commissioned and rather far down the pass-out list. Our battalion had come from Germany and we were very conscious of our 'scheme' fitness. Hell, Nigel the bar closes at eleven. It did. We could only stand with empty glasses and watch a girl  in a sailor's cap dance the old year out.

Khartoum. Anyway no more 'schemes.' You are going out there to show the flag, we have been told. Guard-mounting, cricket and garden parties. Nicely proconsular and plenty of girls. The CO realised that it would be 'cushy,' so we trained for any and every eventuality. Rifle exercises, unarmed combat, IA's on the Bren and concealment films. In the Bay of Biscay we saw strangely lyrical War Office films shot on Salisbury Plain. Kill or be killed. Tense faces and the traffic moving along a main road to London. By Gibraltar desert warfare seemed as far away. I saw a book, Imperial Policing, on the adjutant's deck-chair.

I shared a cabin with four others. It was very small and stuffy. My bunk was under the port-hole and the climb-up was particularly difficult in a heavy sea. Bill, Pat, Nigel; all good second-lieutenant names. Almost straight from school, we were very conscious of officer status, with monogrammed coat-hangers and snap-shots of 'nice' girls in our wallets. Our batmen would come in about six o'clock in the evening and polish brasses and boots, squatting on the floor. Sometimes we played cards with them, cigarettes dangling from the corners of our mouths, like professional gamblers. You rock ape, one of them always said, if I missed a trick.

The senior officers had wives and children, as well as luggage. For them it was very much a matter of servants, verandahs with sun-blinds and dinner parties. A country for them was measured entirely, by the condition of its service accommodation. Off duty we were on Christian name terms with some of the senior officers. Thirsty, Pat? What you having? In the bar most of the conversation was about Germany, or someone putting up a black, or a woman, or that hell of a good party when old Henry... Perhaps a major after his fifth whisky would talk about Sicily. Christ... Bloody good show... shit flying everywhere... sergeant what's his name of the MMGs, he'll remember. They had, and it made us respect them, been at the sharp end of things.

Off Malta we had a ship's dance. As far as women were concerned, we were fairly well placed. There was a party of school-teachers going out to Suez. They had north-country accents and wore nylon stockings with thick dark seams. They had been invited by the adjutant, but some preferred the sergeant's 'do.' It was rather heavy Palm Court, the atmosphere. The regimental band played selections from 'Oklahoma' and 'Bless the Bride.' Some of us danced, but most just drank and talked to the CO and his wife. One of the Sandhurst RASC sat playing sedate cards the whole evening with a pimply girl, her mother and two journalists. Later, according to hallowed tradition, the colonel called on the subalterns to perform. Like a group photograph we lined up in front of the scarred piano. We sang a number from an American musical with a loud chorus about 'dames.' One or two were missing on deck . Pat swore he was locked in a bathroom with an Irish girl who had brought her riding habit in her luggage. By about one most people were drunk. The senior officers drifted off to their nuptial bunks. I expect we played rugger among the broken glasses and paper.

Disgorged from the canal, we stopped training. The Red Sea was too hot for anything. The soldiers lay about on their decks in PT shorts. We gave short talks on the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium and the Gezira cotton scheme. Sketch in the background, just a few facts, we were told. In the evening we played deck tennis or quoits on the sun deck. The CO, adjutant and second in command in short white shorts sat sipping lime juice. The stared across the still sea at the jagged backbone of Arabia though tired eyes. It could have been India, again but no, Khartoum was to be a short posting. Those evenings had an almost tireless quality of English middle-class life. Scarcely a breeze; and their wives laid back in deck chairs, their arms limp and eyes closed.

My tour of duty as an orderly officer took me to the hold. Here most of the men slept in hammocks. The sergeant accompanying me wore a red sash and was confidently pleasant. There was a foul smell of stale sweat and heavy cacophonous breathing. The hold itself was almost dark. Suddenly a man swayed towards us. His hair was close cropped, like worn down bristles and his face was thin and tired. I stepped aside to let him pass. Two months later I was to see the same man in a guardroom cell. He was standing by his bed rigidly to attention in denim trousers and a red vest. In the camp bed all his kit was neatly arranged. He had gone absent for a day and was found in a native brothel, hiding in the cupboard. I was glad of the clean night air.

The night before docking at Port Sudan we entertained the ship's officers at a cocktail party. All the conversations were about Khartoum. Speculation nibbled among the cheese biscuits and olives. The soldiers, I suppose, were drinking warm NAAFI beer in their canteen. One or two belching quietly to themselves, and lonely. The five of us were invited by some junior engineer officers to their cabin. It was even smaller than our own, with sickly green walls and a huge revolving fan. Three bottles of whisky and a mountain of cigarette packets on a small table. We drank and sang. One of the engineers got very drunk. He stood up, a whisky in his hand and started on 'Scots wha hae.' He fell across the table scattering cigarettes. His face was pale green. Jolly good chaps, we said, pushing each other hard against the corridor walls.

Port Sudan was very hot. Kites hovered above the quayside. It took us the morning and most of the afternoon to unload. We had changed into khaki drill and strolled among the sweating unloading party and fingered our revolver holsters. Soon the train for Khartoum would pull in, milk-white and glinting in the evening sun. Take your platoons, we were ordered. Over there with the platoon book under his arm stood your sergeant. Across to him you marched, brown boots surfed with white dust. A sharp salute, and a final inspection. Fasten this strap. Haircut in Khartoum. Look to your front, man,

I could smell the sea. Perhaps three days to Khartoum. Lead on corporal, I said.

Breaking Windows

Some people have obsessive views; often about race. Groups like Black Lives Matter see everything from a black point of view, and some whites are just as bad.

The following story illustrates obsession. A mental patient was being examined by a panel of psychiatrists. They asked him what he would do if he was discharged. He replied that he would get hold of a catapult and break all the windows. A year later he was asked the same question and he gave the same answer. But at the third time of asking he said: "I would get a job, get an apartment, and look for a girlfriend. Then I would take her home, get the elastic out of her knickers, make a catapult and break all the windows. Naturally, they discharged him.

Nationalists see everything from a narrow viewpoint. Nigel Farage said that traffic jams are due to immigration. He has since moderated his statements but one suspects that he still wants to break all the windows.

Convinced nationalists rely on anecdotal evidence, emotional outbursts, and table thumping. One of them told me that the government statistical agency is controlled by the Jews. He said it was a well-known fact. 

Parliamentary democracy functions reasonably well in peacetime so long as different opinions are allowed. But since the referendum the winning 52% have turned nasty and the 48% who voted to remain in Europe are accused of flouting "the will of the people," be they parliamentarians, high court judges, or senior diplomats.

Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu (photo Wikipedia)

At the moment Nigel Farage enjoys popular support but he should remember that another populist, Nicolae Ceausescu, used to address adoring crowds from his balcony until they shot him and his wife on Christmas morning 1989. He endeared himself to the Romanian mob by demanding independence from the Soviet bloc but when their economy collapsed they turned on him.

Searching for Lord Haw Haw – reviewed for Amazon

Colin Holmes has produced another biography of William Joyce, Searching for Lord Haw Haw. I have also read Rebecca Wests 1948 book The Meaning of Treason, Francis Selwyn's 1987 account Hitler's Englishman, and Mary Kenny's splendid 2003 biography Germany Calling. To my mind the Mary Kenny biography is easily the best.
Professor Colin Holmes has written a well-researched and lavishly referenced book but his dislike of William Joyce is obvious. It's easy to dismiss Joyce as a traitor. He was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death but did a British court in 1945 arrive at the right verdict? He certainly assisted the Nazis and shared their views on plutocracy but he never hurt a British person by broadcasting from Germany.
He was born in the United States to Irish parents and was a naturalized German citizen. But he had held a British passport and on the strength of that he was executed. A traitor is someone who hates his country but William Joyce loved Britain. In 1937 he wrote the following prophetic words in National Socialism Now:
"For all of us British people there is a land for which we have played our part, great or humble in the drama of life, a land where  we have had our happy days as well as the sad. We generally forget the spring mornings, with the splendid sun sparkling on the dew in the green fields, the white lanes with their smiling hedges in summer, the rich tint of the leaves in the declining autumn afternoon, the first nip of winter, the English Christmas with our nearest and dearest, the mists on the fens, the gigantic bustle of our great cities, the fire-breathing giants of the night in the Black Country or by South Shields, the long snaky monsters that bring happiness, sorrow, hope or anxiety into Euston or King's Cross , the ocean battering away at the rocks of Devon, the Cockney with his Shoreditch barrow, making fun of every moment in his struggling little life, the broad Mersey restively bringing the challenge of the sea into the heart of Liverpool, the godly majesty of the Highlands, the serene power of the mountains of North Wales, even the rain blending so strangely with the romance of our early days, when as children we played in it - all these things are most often out of our minds, but if it ever happens to us to see the chalk cliffs receding for the last time as the water widens between us and our homeland then the memories will come in a choking flood, and we shall know our land when it is too late.
This is the land for which better than we have died. For it we are asked not to die but to live; it is ours, it belongs to us in every spiritual and sensuous way; it must be ours in every other way, completely and utterly ours, not for some but for all of us. Know this truth, feel it, live it, and the victory shall be ours.
Some there are who will call the sentiment cheap; but it has been again and again redeemed in the blood of heroes, whose spirit the cheap alone can never understand."

Ron Tear a Good and Loyal Patriot - John Bean

Ronald Tear RIP - 1 December 1929 - 4 February 2017

Ron and I were much the same age. He first committed himself to active support for the cause of Nationalism and patriotism in 1959. This was a year after my formation of the National Labour Party.

I was speaking at our open air meeting held every Sunday in Bethnal Green when Ron, who had been standing as a new spectator, offered to sell our paper Combat. A local NLP member  said 'He's over-keen. He might be a spy'. I just felt instinctively that Ron Tear was what he claimed to be and  signed him up as an NLP member. One reason why we had not seen him  before was that he only just left the British Army. This could have been why over the next 25 years he always followed my actions, without debate, in looking for the best methods for raising support for the Patriotic Right.

In 1960 the NLP amalgamated with Colin Jordan's White Defence League to form the British National Party. Ron Tear
supported this, as he did eighteen months later when a majority of members did not want to follow the British Nazi party objective that Jordan was now after.

Ron was one of the most active members of the BNP in the greater London area and again followed the decision in early 1967 to enter into the formation of the National Front - whose initial membership was predominantly BNP. He continued his high activity for another 15 years, which no doubt was a factor in the breakdown of his marriage. It was at the same time that I felt I needed a retirement from the political struggle, which was intended to be temporary.

IN 1999 I published my autobiography of my political life up to then, Many Shades of Black. There were some who thought that this meant I was about to re-enter the arena and challenge my old friend John Tyndall in running the BNP, which in effectiveness had taken over from the ever-splitting National Front. Ron Tear had acted on this rumour and came knocking on my door. 'John', he said, ' If you are aiming to take charge again then count me in.' I did not.

I hope I did not betray his loyalty and his mental and physical courage in achieving the small gains we did make in those years.

Nation Revisited
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